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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nothing But The Best

I think of you all the time
I can't stop wondering why
Things turned out the way they did

I miss the way you made me smile
I miss the way you held me tight
Protecting me from the monsters I hid

I wonder if you're okay
And if you ever did locate
The love of your life if I'm not it

Did you ever stop to think
What it was that made us click
And what it was that made it all end

I hope your life fell completely apart
But deep down inside you were too much of my heart
For me to wish you nothing but the best
I can always say I knew nothing but the best

Times when I'm on my own
I wish I would have known
How much more I had to give

Now that it's gone all wrong
All I have is our song
And the memories I cherish

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