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Saturday, May 21, 2016


I remember how you looked back in the day
How every guy wanted you in the worst way
But for all that beauty you showed outside
Lurked an ugly truth simmering inside

You learned early on how to climb the social ladder
Hang out with only girls whose families matter
All your friends must be as hot as you
As for the boys not just any guy will do

He's got to have a new car, hot car, fast car
Something others can envy you've come so far
A wallet you can withdraw from like an ATM
Stuffed in some fancy designer label pocket

The years rolled on they have not been kind to you
Two failed marriages and a few brats in your brood
Those once perky cheeks now a story of regret and despair
You look decades older and hefty beyond repair

You have a meager job you barely maintain
Pays more than you're worth at minimum wage
Those deadbeat dads can't even visit their kids
The cupboard's bare with a growing shopping list

Seems your tiara has tarnished your future
You coudn't be further from the world of haute couture
You live in squallor and your dreamshave turned to dust
The school reunion is soon and all will see how gold can rust

There'll be no tears shed for the fate that is now yours
There will be smirks of joy as the karma unfolds
And for all of those who suffered your ridicule
Seeing you as you are will be the crowning jewel.

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