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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I Let Us Go

I know it’s been too long and it’s not my place to interfere
I’ve been thinking about you a lot and my thoughts haven’t been too clear
Maybe love was already found and needed this time to look in the mirror

It’s not often you get an opportunity to set things straight
But I’m willing to bet you would appreciate
Hearing these simple words I have to say

I know now what we had and how I let us go
I feel sofor bringing us down so low
I know I made you sad, I’m sorry I let us go

The words escape me now but I hope you understand
My heart knows now what it didn’t know way back then
But life moves on and I know there can’t be another chance

Maybe one day it would be possible we can meet
Maybe at the restaurant, share a coffee or a tea
Just one last time face to face so I can tell you I’m sorry

Monday, May 30, 2016


I like it when evening comes
And the sun goes down
And how the soft breeze catches her hair

A glass of wine in our hands
No intrusions to be found
Simply two of us being together

And it seems like this could go on forever
If it means I had to die today
Then at least I’ve lived in the moment forever

I like the way she kisses my lips
And the way she places her hands on my hips
But what I like the most is that she’s here with me

When the morning comes and the sun arises
Feeling her skin next to mine and the surprise is
I am completely at ease thinking this could be forever

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Through My Veins

I can’t be the only one feeling this way
Looking better than you did yesterday
My heart skips a beat when you say my name
My lips move but I have nothing to say

From the first time we met I just knew
Before that moment I had not a clue
How love should feel so honest and true
Those days are over now that I have you

Now I know the reason blood flows through my veins
Makes me feel alive and washes away the pain
Can’t believe this feeling, it’s all so insane
You are my heart, my love, my life, flowing through my veins

Not in a million years could I ever dream
What on earth you ever saw in little old me
But there’s no one else I would rather be
I’m here with you and there’s nothing in between

Now I know the reason blood flows through my veins
Makes me feel alive and washes away the pain
Can’t believe this feeling, it’s all so insane
You are my heart, my love, my life, flowing through my veins

All the right shapes in all the right place
And a mind to stimulate
All the right frames make me burst into flames
I don’t ever want to stop feeling this way

Now I know the reason blood flows through my veins
Makes me feel alive and washes away the pain
Can’t believe this feeling, it’s all so insane
You are my heart, my love, my life, flowing through my veins

Saturday, May 21, 2016


I remember how you looked back in the day
How every guy wanted you in the worst way
But for all that beauty you showed outside
Lurked an ugly truth simmering inside

You learned early on how to climb the social ladder
Hang out with only girls whose families matter
All your friends must be as hot as you
As for the boys not just any guy will do

He's got to have a new car, hot car, fast car
Something others can envy you've come so far
A wallet you can withdraw from like an ATM
Stuffed in some fancy designer label pocket

The years rolled on they have not been kind to you
Two failed marriages and a few brats in your brood
Those once perky cheeks now a story of regret and despair
You look decades older and hefty beyond repair

You have a meager job you barely maintain
Pays more than you're worth at minimum wage
Those deadbeat dads can't even visit their kids
The cupboard's bare with a growing shopping list

Seems your tiara has tarnished your future
You coudn't be further from the world of haute couture
You live in squallor and your dreamshave turned to dust
The school reunion is soon and all will see how gold can rust

There'll be no tears shed for the fate that is now yours
There will be smirks of joy as the karma unfolds
And for all of those who suffered your ridicule
Seeing you as you are will be the crowning jewel.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Nothing But The Best

I think of you all the time
I can't stop wondering why
Things turned out the way they did

I miss the way you made me smile
I miss the way you held me tight
Protecting me from the monsters I hid

I wonder if you're okay
And if you ever did locate
The love of your life if I'm not it

Did you ever stop to think
What it was that made us click
And what it was that made it all end

I hope your life fell completely apart
But deep down inside you were too much of my heart
For me to wish you nothing but the best
I can always say I knew nothing but the best

Times when I'm on my own
I wish I would have known
How much more I had to give

Now that it's gone all wrong
All I have is our song
And the memories I cherish

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

All Or None

I'm beautiful
That's how I wanna stay
Inside and out
For you and for me

I'm a handful
But I give what I take
If you have any doubts
Take a step back and you will see

I'm powerful
I'm the ice on the cake
I get in trouble with my mouth
It's how I wanna be

This can be all yours
If you want it of course
I'm a driving force
It's all or none, for better or worse

I'm lovable
Can you handle me all day?
C'mon baby tell me how
I can be yours

You have to prove that you deserve
All of my moves and all of my curves
I'm willing to give you what you need
But you have to be everything to me

Friday, April 29, 2016

Your Turn

Just you wait, your turn will come
When your plastic world be all undone
As your daughter cuts her skin with a blade
Unable to live up to expectations you made
Will your sanctimony be as vulgar then?

Your cocoon of bubble wrap is no protection
In a real world of imperfection
Shoulders will shrug when you question your luck
Wailing in arms comforted by their charms
Will you understand the position you're in?

When your husband finds comfort in a strange way
Or another child escapes by shooting their veins
When you've bought all that can possibly be sold
Only to find yourself with your thoughts alone
Will you decipher the language of your mind's din?